Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This column is about Russel Honore's continued effort to organize Louisianians of various stripes whose lives, livelihoods, and futures have been adversely affected by the oil and gas industry's activities over the years.  But the interesting thought is offered by Louisiana Oil and Gas Association President Don Briggs via this Harper's article Moseley cites.
During our conversation he [Briggs] vented about topics ranging from the fracking rules the EPA was scheduled to release later in the year, which he warned could shut down the domestic oil-and-gas industry, to what he saw as a shameless scramble by residents along the Gulf of Mexico to get a piece of the $20 billion compensation fund created following the Deepwater Horizon spill. “BP is getting raped and pillaged by anyone who had any sort of business on the Gulf Coast,” he said with a snort."
OK, then. 

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