Monday, February 28, 2005

Something you don't see every day

Right now there is a transient (non parish resident) patron in the tech lab happily typing away on his blogger account. Most of our patrons have a hard enough time figuring out which mouse button to click. I'm not trying to imply that the simple act of blogging reveals one as being posessed of some heightened state of technological savy. (I mean hello there) It's just a bit of a departure to see the public computers in here used for something other than "online shopping sprees" or hunt and peck resume typing.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Maddox Sells Out

Well no not really. But he is writing a book. Perhaps the working title is Best Book in the Universe? Our muscles are spazzed with anticipation.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

So it turns out

That this page looks a little funny in Firefox. I'm going to have to fix that. Any ideas, coding geeks?

Saturday, February 19, 2005

More Larium

I think we've covered this ground before but Jesus Christ!

Well this ought to settle it

After a few rounds of ugly innuendo, former president Jimmy Carter has received this unequivocal statement of approval from a Republican with a high degree of interest in national security.
"There are limits to what I can say on the sub's capabilities, but let's just say the Jimmy Carter is uniquely capable to perform missions vitally important to the war on terror," said Rep. Rob Simmons, a Republican and former CIA officer whose district includes Groton, Connecticut, where the sub was built.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Retardedly late publicity dept

Go see Testaverde at the Circle Bar tonight at 10.
You have been officially notified.

Update: Actually, Y'all could have made it. The T-Verde set didn't even start till around midnight. Daisy couldn't even last that long. Tentative rumor of next appearance: April 2 Howling Wolf. More as more is known.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sell the kids for food

A mother-to-be from New Zealand has run an online auction selling advertising space on her pregnant tummy.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Doctor is in

It's not exactly the dawn of a new progressive era, but it's a start. Dean will immediately help the Democrats begin to do two things they should have done during (and especially after) the 2000 campaign. 1) Become less beholden to corporate donors. Which leads to 2) becoming less afraid to speak unabashedly about issues that matter to the poor and working classes such as protecting social security, reducing health care costs, strengthening organized labor, and ending the needless slaughter American soldiers in the cause of fruitless imperial misadventures.
Critics of Dean's "abrasive" personality misapprehend his role as party chair. Dean is a fundraiser, not a candidate. As the candidate in 2004 who proved that a campaign can raise money effectively through small "grassroots" donations, Dean is the obvious choice for this job. At least let's hope I'm right about that.... for once.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Mardi Gras Finale

I must say that I have impeccable timing. I managed to put off succumbing to the bug that’s been going around until after Mardi Gras was over. Once the thing did get a hold of me, it certainly didn’t waste any time knocking me on my ass. I haven’t been able to breathe easily, walk straight, or think clearly in two days. Ok so the only thing unusual is the breathing but stay with me here. Clearly, after taking five days off for Carnival, I very well couldn’t call in sick to work. So I managed to tough it out for two of the crazy busiest days of the 2005 liberry calendar thus far. It seems the kids are all trying to get their assignments done at the last minute before the Mardi Gras holidays are over; nothing new. Add to that, about a thousand projects that I’m too dizzy to think about now and you’ve got a couple of miserable post Mardi Gras days for Jeffrey there.
But as a wise man once said, fuck a buncha work. The Fat Tuesday photos you’ve been waiting for are finally here.

Look! Pirates!

Hail Rex. King of Carnival

Hail Jeffrey. King of the Drunks

Jeffrey: Look it's Bo Dollis
Daisy: Who's Bo Dollars?

I didn't feel like "Helloing" these myself so I stole them from Daisy's site where there are more.

To complete a Carnival season in which I hardly missed a single event, I managed to see as much of Tuesday as I possibly could. When the silver sequins on the Zulu King’s headdress reflected the first sunshine of the day on Jackson Avenue, I stopped worrying about the weather. After all the fretting about rain, we ended up with a near perfect, if a little muggy, day.

One of my favorite parts of every Mardi Gras morning happens when all the folks who have camped out and erected ladders facing the right side of St. Charles, suddenly realize that Rex is coming up the wrong side of the street. They cross the over during the Garden District portion of their route so that the King of Carnival can stop and toast in front of the Downman House at the corner of Third Street. The crowd displacement usually makes for a lot of elbow room on my side of St. Charles. It’s a great spot to see Rex. Don’t tell too many people I told you that.

Much of the rest of the morning was spent waiting for the red beans to cook while marching around the Uptown/Central City area looking for Indians. We saw a few but they weren’t ready to start moving yet. Once the truck parades started coming by, Daisy took a nap and I managed to out on the bicycle for a while. In addition to finally catching a few Indians, I also made it up to the Claiborne Avenue overpass where r’s people were all camped out.

We finished up downtown at the Alibi, some of us barely able to stand, eating chicken fingers and nachos waiting for the grand midnight clearing of the streets to wash over before heading home. Having partied to the point of exhaustion, we didn’t see the point in sticking around for the “after party.”

Jeffrey’s Great Big Pot of Carnival Red Beans
Soak overnight 2 pounds of Camelia brand red beans in a big pot
Remove beans from pot and drain
In that same pot, brown 1 pound of sliced smoked sausage in about ¼ stick of butter.

Quick aside re. butter: If your mamma had taught you anything about cooking, it would have been the importance of working a stick of butter into every recipe. This applies to just about anything from a pot of red beans to a bowl of cornflakes to a glass of ice water. Stick of butter makes it better.

Remove sausage from pot. Add a little more butter and sauté chopped onion, celery, bell pepper, and garlic.

Theological aside: New Orleanians will recognize the those first three vegetables as the “holy trinity” of creole cooking. I have long held that had St. Patrick gotten a hold of a four leaf clover, we’d be obliged to throw a little garlic in there too. As it is, I always do it anyway.

When the vegetables are ready, return the beans to the pot and cover with water.
Add the smoked sausage and about a pound of chopped pickled pork.
Season with salt, pepper, red pepper, bay leaf, and with a liberal sprinkling of thyme.

More food theology: Notice that this dish is almost as much about the pork as it is about the beans. It so happens that on the day that God made the pig, He immediately recognized that He needed something to put on it. Hence, thyme.

Simmer on low heat (drop a little butter in there while you’re at it) for hours and hours until creamy.

If you start these around 7:30 am, they should be ready to eat around 1 pm.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Late Lundi Gras Drunken Ramble (all apologies, folks.. really)

I did it. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the whole endeavor, but I managed to get dragged into it anyway. I actually stood outside all night and drank more beer than I wanted to while watching the Krewe of Orpheus wend its sloppy disorganized way down the streets this Lundi Gras evening. Granted the hardship involved here was somewhat limited given that the parade route is a one block walk from the house but I’m working on a busy schedule here and the night before Fat Tuesday is no time to get too caught up in the drunken revelry. There will be plenty of time for that tomorrow. I usually spend my Monday evening chopping vegetables in preparation for the creation of Jeffrey’s renowned giant pot of Mardi Gras red beans. I like to have everything cut up and ready to throw in the pot on Fat Tuesday morning so I can get outside as quickly as possible and begin scouring the neighborhood for Indians before Zulu shows up. Last year, the threat of rain caused Zulu to uncharacteristically roll at its official 8:30 am start time which severely stressed my schedule. Hopefully the weather will be less intimidating tomorrow. The threat of rain has been with us through much of the parade season this year. Luckily, only the Krewe of Ancient Druids parade was seriously affected by the weather.
In one sense, I am grateful to Dad and to Daisy for pulling me from my onion celery and bell pepper and dragging me out to see Proteus and Orpheus this evening because it puts me in position to complete a rare Mardi Gras sweep tomorrow. Ordinarily, even the most stalwart Carnival geek will skip at least one parade in a season. So far, however, if it rolled in Orleans Parish this year, I saw at least part of it.

A few quick comments about the hazy weekend:

Saturday: Iris and Tucks rolled Uptown in the morning. This was the most beautiful day of the season weather wise; lots of sun not too cool or warm. Daisy got to wear her pirate dress and big purple wig. Some guy in the crowd brought a megaphone which he used to provide some extemporaneous pro bono parade commentary as well as beg each marching band to play that Usher/Ludacris song.. you know the one. He was unsuccessful in his solicitation. I finally got to try the crawfish bread at Fortissimo. Definitely worth the five bucks. That evening, while Daisy napped, I hopped on the bicycle and checked out as much as I could stand of Endymion.. which is to say not much. The crowd is too big. There are too many territorial, ladder mounted white people. And, for the most part, you can’t see the freaking parade. My bike ride took me from uptown to Canal street and then up the entire length of Endymion’s route to Orleans Ave and City Park. Unable to find a decent place to just chill and enjoy the parade, I went back home.
Also worth noting: Later this evening, Daisy, who is not known for such exploits, managed to drink Consuela under the table in what has to be the greatest upset in the history of sport.

Sunday: Very much like Saturday only with less sun. Okeanos doesn’t throw much. Thoth is often overlooked due to its Sunday morning time slot but it is one of my favorites. The Krewe of Mid City paraded Uptown again. Someone should do something about that. Much was made of the Superbowl vs Bacchus dilemma but this was no contest for us. I caught some football shaped beads. Big Fun.

Visual evidence: Is available here from Daisy who is finally back to blogging more than just book reviews. Daisy’s blog is a good read for all of you who come to this site for amusing tales of library related hi-jinks and instead find yourselves sifting through my bullshit Superbowl predictions and political rants and various other manifestations of lameitude. As a bonus feature, Daisy’s crappy camera actually managed to photographically represent our drunken haze.. even if it did make me look a little chunky.

And so now it’s all over but the shouting.. which will start promptly at 7 am or so tomorrow when I crawl my sorry ass out of bed. Happy Mardi Gras!!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Oh yeah, there's like a super bowl or something tomorrow

Well, we're real busy and stuff in New Orleans this weekend. I don't know how much of the game I'll even see since it goes right up against the can't-miss Krewe of Bacchus parade tomorrow night. I do live one block off of the parade route so I may drop in to check the score during pee breaks.

Over the life of this website (which has been up for more than a year now) I have made numerous predictions about various sporting and electoral events. None, and I mean NONE, of the these predictions has been accurate save one. This one success was New England over Pittsburgh in this year's AFC championship game. Why get off the horse now that I'm on a roll?
This year's superbowl champion:


May not even be very close.

Quick Friday Parade Recap

Always excited to see Hermes. The God of Commerce's Friday night march rings in the big Carnival weekend. Strange how there's a god of commerce who dates back to antiquity and yet there wasn't a Secretary of Commerce until 1913. Makes you wonder how Hermes got all that damn paperwork done for so long.
The Krewe of Hermes puts on a first class parade with some of the most elaborately decorated floats in Carnival. This year's theme was "The Passions of Zeus." Hermes, like many of the old line krewes, always takes its theme from mythology. The floats depicted various Greek dieties. The title of each float related its subject to Zeus in some way (i.e. "Posiedon: Ally of Zeus") or some such bullshit. I kept waiting for the Pop Zeus float but, alas, no dice.

Le Krewe D'Etat's idea this year was to satirize prominent local and national politics through the use of Tarot card themed floats. Mixed results. The Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick thing is a little worn. One float featured a giant bust of dubya which some parade goers took the opportunity to hum beads at. My favorite float represented the Death card and was adorned with the names of every ill fated candidate Mayor Nagin has endorsed in every election since he has been in office.

Not much time to chat now. Iris and Tucks are comming.. like right now.

Friday, February 04, 2005

It's the greatest Mardi Gras Ever!

Because there aren't so many tourists in town singing karaoke with their frat buddies and peeing on people's houses and stuff. Now if only we could get the freaking weather to cooperate.
Also in today's Times-Pic, it seems that even Rex has forsaken those classic cheap little plastic strands of beads that remind me of the Carnival of my childhood. Parade goers are so spoiled nowadays. No one has time to fiddle with snap on beads anymore.

Another year, another lost memory I guess.

Last night was exhausting. The police are suddenly enforcing a previously unbeknownst to me ordinance which prohibits canine attendance at parades. Our rather late discovery of this rule via rude shouting cops who you'd think would have something better to do, necessitated a long walk to bring Susie, who didn't really want to be there anyway, home to Daisy's place.

So we saw most of Babylon and Chaos while on the long walk back. Chaos, it seems, is more or less a front organization by which the no longer parading Momus can skirt the city's anti-discrimination ordinance. Chaos uses the old Momus floats and follows the Momus tradition of staging a satirical parade. Last night's theme was "Chaos Spins the Beatles." The parade made fun of local news and politics while tying them to puns on Beatles songs. One float, for example was titled "Don't Let Me Drown" and was decorated with reminders of this past year's ridiculous Hurricane Ivan evacuation.

Tonight: Hermes opens the big weekend with one of the bigger parades of the season. It will be followed by Le Krewe d'Etat which promises more satire.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why my night was better than yours

1) You had to put up with this condescending disingenuous lying speech.

2) I was at Carnival.

Quick parade roundup: Saturn's theme was "See you in the funny papers." The parade cast various local and national politicians as comic strip characters in a weak attempt at satire. Maybe I was missing the joke all night but I couldn't figure out why any of this was particularly funny.
  • Eddie Jordan as Chilly Willy Umm.. Oookaay
  • Ray Nagin as Charlie Brown I guess because he's bald?
  • Kathleen Blanco as Stripperella Well, she is a girl I guess so that's certainly something.
  • George W Bush as Superman Do I really need to go into the sinister implications of this?
On the other hand, I did get a couple pairs of "fat lady" beads from them so, you know, they've got that going for them.

Muses is the best weekday parade hands down. I am actually beginning to prefer it to Saturday's bloated and always obscenely crowded Endymion. Muses is a first class event with numerous marching bands, unusual walking clubs, stilt walkers, flambeaux, brass bands, really cool floats with fiber optic lighting and, of course, some of the most unique signature throws like shoe beads and teddy bears. Also there was an appearance by the Go-Gos who I think are playing in town this week. Did I mention that I like Muses? Go see them next year.

After that, what Morpheus? I know I watched this parade but man were we ever drunk by then. I did get some beads with the little moon medallion so at least I know I was there.

Parade food notes: I recommend the Jambalaya at Fortissimo on the corner of Louisiana and St Charles Avenues. It comes in larger portions this year. They claim to have crawfish bread which I am dying to try but they ran out before I could get to them last night. Also, this morning, on the way to work, I noticed that the funnel cake truck is finally up and running. It has moved from Jackson Avenue to St. Charles around Felicity street just across the street from Walgreens. I think we can make that walk tonight.

Why your morning was better than mine: I had to read this condescending disingenuous lying speech. Plus I'm a wee bit sleepy and hung over.

Tonight: Babylon followed by Chaos. This begins a long weekend of partying and carrying on in the streets. I don't have to liberry again until Ash Wednesday. Posting between now and then is almost certain to occur somewhat drunkenly.

Blogger Spellcheck Note: Spellcheck likes "crayfish" but not "crawfish". Damn yankee bastards!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Obligatory SOTU drinking game

Click here (via Bob Harris)
You know, cute but a bit tired. A better idea would be to ignore the speech altogether and drink while watching tonight's three Carnival parades in Orleans Parish like some people I know.


Good news: Landing a major national prospect gets the new coach off on the right foot.

Bad news: Now the new coach has to deal with keeping two young, highly recruited, primma donna quarterbacks happy. Rotating QBs didn't work so well for LSU last season. Let's hope it doesn't come to that again.

But really: Your name is Perrilloux. Were you really going to leave Louisiana in the first place?

Dissing the Doctor

The spineless (fainthearted?) Louisiana Democratic congressional delegation is already sniping at Dean. This, if nothing else, indicates that the DNC is on the right track if Dean becomes chairman.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Druids in the Fluids

I and like three or four of my neighbors stood and smiled sympathetically as the Krewe of Ancient Druids rolled what was left of their parade minus most of their bands and flambeaux down a rain drenched St Charles Avenue this evening. This was a subdued event to say the least. When I was ten years old I would have killed for the opportunity to stand in such a sparse crowd at a parade and have easy access to all the choice throws. Indeed tonight I caught a spear. Somehow it feels like an empty victory.

Tomorrow: Morpheus, which did not brave the rain tonight, will follow the Krewe of Saturn and the much anticipated Krewe of Muses making for a busy evening. Note to self: Need more beer.

Ever get the feeling you've seen this movie before?

The Vietnam turnout was good as well

or this one?

Iraqis Claim Irregularities Kept Many People From Voting