Thursday, October 10, 2013

Can't even go back to killing our brains with beer

The Shutdown just got real.
But the shutdown poses problems for the far smaller craft brewers, who build their businesses by introducing new and unique-tasting seasonal products, said Jay D. Ducote, the Baton Rouge blogger who the state hired to write the tour guide for the Louisiana Brewery Trail that leads tourists on visits to the state’s beer-making operations.

“As long as the government is shut down, there won’t be a way for brewers to get those labels approved and moving forward, which means they can’t release any new beers to retail establishments. They’ll be able to keep rolling on their already-approved products, but new beers will be delayed or postponed,” Ducote wrote Wednesday in an email responding to questions.

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Christy Hackenberg said...

NOOOOOOO!!!!!! It's o.k. if it stems the tide of pumpkin flavored beers.