Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Kicking Democrats in the butt"

Kind of refreshing when they say what they mean.
Yelton attempted to explain away the charges of racism — always a good idea — by: 1. Insisting that one of his best friends is black; 2. claiming that the photo of Obama dressed as a witch doctor that he shared on his Facebook page was making fun of his "white half"; recalling how, when he was young, black people were called "negras"; and bemoaning the fact that black people can use the word "nigger" but he can't.

"You know that we can hear you, right?" asks a visibly nonplussed Mandvi.

But Yelton wasn't done yet: In a stunning acknowledgement of the law's true intention, the GOP leader admitted its main purpose was not to prevent alleged voter fraud, but "to kick Democrats in the butt."
This guy was a Republican precinct chairman in North Carolina. He had to resign today.   Why do you  think that was?  Was it because he said some overtly racist things on television? Small time Republican caveman statements like his aren't really all that rare these days.

It's more difficult to come by a party operative who will openly admit that a voter suppression scheme really is a voter suppression scheme.  If I had to guess at why Mr. Yelton is no longer and official party spokesperson, I'd say this is the more likely reason.

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