Thursday, October 17, 2013

They should just give Nagin the records he wants

But then ask him if he thinks they are the records "that count."  Have him submit his answer in writing. At least 1500 words. Should be punishment enough.

Oh and here's Deberry's column.
When Nagin was mayor, you'll remember, he wasn't exactly generous with the records in his possession. In fact, he was downright stingy. When the press demanded to see email and other documents that the law was clear should open for public scrutiny, the mayor told us all to kick rocks.

More than that, much of the e-mail the press wanted to see then was destroyed by the Nagin administration. The mayor, whose love of gadgetry and technology seemed to have no limits, insisted that the city's storage capacity was finite and that email he had sent and received had to be destroyed to create more room. It apparently didn't occur to anybody in his techno-geeky administration to buy more storage space.
At one point just before he left office, Nagin dumped all of the emails still on his server onto the city's website where anyone could download them.  I did that.  But then that computer went ka-put so I don't have access to them anymore until I decide to do some data forensics of my own. 

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