Monday, October 21, 2013

Les Miles and clock management is kind of an old joke

If he could go back in time, Les Miles would have liked to have saved more time. 
With more than 20 seconds left in the game, Miles said the coaches were deciding whether to run the clock down and use the timeout to ice kicker Andrew Ritter and try to block the field goal. However, Miles said with six seconds left he realized that blocking the kick was unlikely since they had already blocked a Ritter attempt earlier in the fourth quarter. At that point Miles called the timeout and said he wished he'd done so sooner.

"We've already blocked this team, we could not be in any better position to go onto the field and at that point in time I wish we could have had every one of those seconds back," Miles said at his Monday press conference. "Again, the plan was to ice and block, and we should well have, in retrospect, gone after those 20 seconds that we could have had at the end of the game."
 But, hey, now there will be plenty time to think it through.

Like while he's at home watching one of the major bowl games this year. 

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elsbet said...

Why is "ice the kicker" even a phrase, like it's a thing? Has a kicker in history ever been "iced"?