Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rob Ryan's Trick-Or-Treat

Who Dat Halloween

I'm sure the players are all very adorable in the costumes he made for them.
METAIRIE, La. – Cameron Jordan is a great white shark, Malcolm Jenkins a black panther, Kenny Vaccaro a king cobra and Curtis Lofton a grizzly bear.

But not everyone on the New Orleans Saints defense got so lucky with the “inner animals” that were bestowed upon them by defensive coordinator Rob Ryan at the beginning of the season.

“Everyone on defense has their own animal, and you don’t get to have any input,” Lofton said with a smug smile. “Some people like theirs, and some people don’t.”

Outside linebacker Junior Galette was dubbed a sakis – a monkey that sports a full, bushy beard like Galette’s, which teammates find hilarious. Rookie defensive end Glenn Foster got stuck with seahorse. Deep-thinking cornerback Jabari Greer is a morning dove. And linebacker Ramon Humber is a wombat.
 Say what you will. It still makes more sense than  Gregg Williams's weird-ass Powerpoints

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