Thursday, October 31, 2013


Get a load of these assholes.
I believe there was a concerted effort on the part of the Mayor to oust the people from the Advisory Committee he didn't like and replace them with his own cronies.  I've also suggested that LSU and Tulane colluded with the Mayor's wishes by removing their appointees in order to replace them with folks who would follow the Mayor's wishes, Ron Gardner and Anthony Lorino.

Once these cronies were appointed, they immediately followed Sherman's lead to fire the Wisner Trust's counsel on the BP lawsuit, Waltzer and Wiygul, and replace them with the JV attorneys you see listed in the email thread above.

It's pretty vulgar stuff.
I guess it's more grown-up to just shrug off this behavior as the matter-of-course that it obviously is.  But I think it's worth stopping every now and again to just remind ourselves what colossal assholes the people who play the game of running stuff for us invariably are.  It may not be immediately helpful to do this. But it's always instructive.

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