Monday, October 07, 2013

Conventional offense

This week, the Saints' tendency to play something like a "ball control" type offense was more obvious than ever. But it's been in evidence throughout the year so far.
Attributing to an average nine-minute advantage in possessing the ball, the Saints have slowly choked the life out of their opponents, especially in the last three weeks.

Whereas in the past the Saints' offensive intent was focused on quick strikes and a relentless tempo, this year's offense is playing with a curbed urgency and one that is, perhaps, more conducive to the team's greater overall benefit.

This Saints' 2013 offense is operating not with pace, but with the luxury of it, fast when necessary but otherwise deliberate and patient. In a league that is trending towards a faster tempo, the Saints--a team that led that fast-paced revolution--are moving beyond that simplified approach.

Thus far it's paid dividends as Payton, yet again, innovates ahead of his lesser peers.
 Yeah maybe.  Or it could be that when your offensive line sucks, everything just looks a little more "deliberate" than you're used to.  Either way, watching the Saints drain the life out of the clock yesterday was kind of fun in a throwbacky way.  Also, having a defense is like that too.

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