Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lacing 'em one more time and giving it a go?

Tuesday afternoon we learned that Edwin Edwards said this.

When asked whether he would consider running for political office in the future, Edwards had this to say:

"Lately, for some strange reason, I'm beginning to think it might be a nice thing to do. But, I'm not going to make the decision based upon that. I'm going to make the decision based on whether I think I can win and whether there's a need for me because I don't want to end what I consider to be a successful political career on a sad note. But I love this state and I think I could do better than what has been done. And if I saw the opportunity and I thought that people would warm up to it, I would consider it."

Which is really just an excuse to link to this article about Brett Favre which asks several important questions such as, 
"Do you think that it would be great if Brett Favre could lace 'em up and give it one more go?"
And also,
"Do you feel as though there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Brett Favre, a retired quarterback who could nonetheless come out of retirement and play for an NFL franchise?"
And, of course, 
"Do you think that Brett Favre could show these kids a thing or two?"
Note also, "I could do better than what has been done," is hardly a commitment to run for anything. It's just a purely factual statement we could apply to anyone at this point. Even Brett Favre. 

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