Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Worse than we thought

Heated d_s_uss_on at the __ty budget hear_ngs today where the vowel department argued they shouldn't have to sacr_f__e the same amount that the _onsonants have be_ause the_r operat_ons would be d_sproport_onately affe_ted. But _noun__lwoman _ynth_a Hedge-Morel was adamant _n rem_nd_ng them we are all do_ng more w_th less.

And you thought you were having a bad day. Pity the gardener at New Orleans City Park who absentmindedly cut down two of the letters in New Orleans City Park's iconic topiary sculpture before realizing his mistake.

The bushes that have for years spelled CITY PARK on City Park Avenue now spell TY PARK. A small portion of the I remains.

"That would be called a mistake," City Park spokesman John Hopper told Gambit this afternoon. "Some mistakes are bigger than others."

Saying that a contractor had made the error, Hopper stressed that "the park assumes full responsibility. Somebody should have been supervising the work."

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