Monday, October 07, 2013

Your musical mayor

For a while now, I've been partial to the theory that Mayor Landrieu's plan for post-office was to sit on a tourism advisory commission; either with some group that exists now or, more likely, some yet to be created "public-private" partnership. There's plenty time to dream something up.

But there's always the outside chance he'll go into show business.
In a surprise grand finale, Mayor Mitch Landrieu took the stage, accompanied by the Tony award winner Michael Cerveris, to sing the Epilogue from the musical Les Miserable. Landrieu held his own in a short solo, before being joined by the Delgado Community College Choir, the Gay Men's Choir and the Symphony Chorus of New Orleans.
I'm not saying Mitch is going to end up headlining on Broadway (North or South) or anything.   Maybe something on the minor festival circuit.  He can do a little singing or dancing in between Bag of Donuts sets. Some examples of his talents below.

I shot a few minutes of video at the District B Community Budget meeting which also featured some dancing of a different sort by the mayor. But the quality is too poor to share here.

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FYYFFM said...

Mitch can sing with the Gay Men's Chorus but he can not come out for Marriage Equality. Fuck muck.