Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Brain trust

Smushed Brain

Last night Frontline aired its much anticipated documentary, League of Denial. The film treats the NFL's deliberate cover-up of evidence that its product (large armored men repeatedly launching themselves face-first at one another) causes significant long term brain injury to the large men it employs to produce this product.

Here's former Saint Derland Moore talking to Deadspin about what it's like to be used and discarded by this machine.
The public is not aware of everything that has gone on. The public thinks that we all made millions. I made $21,000 my first year in the NFL, in '73. $21,000. My best payday was $300,000, near the end of my career. And that's good money, but it's not the millions these kids are making today. Hey, I'm glad for them. I think it's great that they're doing quite well, but how about taking care of your own? I mean, we're not even addressed in any of this stuff. They ignore us like we're not even human beings. I think if the public knew exactly what was going on they'd be more on the players' side instead of thinking we've got all these millions and we're just getting greedy.
Also, yesterday, the NFL named New Orleans as a finalist to host the 2018 Super Bowl.
“Invited to bid” is NFL parlance for finalist. The winning city to be announced at the league’s 2014 spring meeting in Atlanta.

“The competition is always fierce for a Super Bowl, and we expect this one to be no less than before,” said Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation President Jay Cicero, whose group will organize the local task force for the event. “But we’ll put our best heads together and make it clear that the formula of a celebration like no other and the 300th anniversary of our city will make this come to fruition.”
The competition sure is fierce to best your rival cities at putting together the most inviting package of special perks and taxpayer giveaways  to a cabal of criminals already made rich beyond reason by their billion dollar brain crushing business.  Maybe if we "put our best heads together".. like real hard.. we'll come up with something good there.

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mominem said...

The Super Bowl will go to Minneapolis, they will have a new stadium. The Super Bowl always goes to the team with the new stadium.