Sunday, October 06, 2013


Here are some headlines from the last several hours regarding now Tropical Depression Karen.

Area returns to normal as T.S. Karen weakens

Karen, sapped and waning, sinks to tropical depression status

Frail and stuck, Tropical Storm Karen lingers in Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Karen becoming a shoo-shoo, judging from 4 p.m. update

You can see just how ominous the gathering threat had been all evening.   And so now, here we have my favorite.

About 100 without power in Algiers and Mid-City
Entergy New Orleans utility crews are working to restore electricity after power outages in Mid-City and Algiers left about 100 customers in the dark Saturday afternoon as some rain and wind from Tropical Storm Karen began to move ashore.
Entergy doesn't say whehter the outage is related to the weather at all.  But they did send some spokespersons to a number of pre-storm press conferences to remind us all just how extra prepared they were for whatever might happen.  That turned out to be something of a "shoo-shoo."

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rickbrah said...

loved the shoo shoo headline. wonder how far that word tavels before it becomes a wtf word.