Monday, October 14, 2013

Shit My Jackie Says

Jackie Clarkson had to bolt early from tonight's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance presentation. Apparently she needs to be good and rested for tomorrow's big budget show.  And that makes some sense, especially if she's planning to participate in the drinking game we discussed earlier.  She made sure to get all her zingers in early, though. 

Quotes via Uptown Messenger's live coverage:

Of course, the CZO is a major accomplishment... of Jackie Clarkson's
Clarkson says that she has been working on the CZO for decades, and enacting it will be a "dream come true for this city."
The CZO may yet be proven to cause chronic brain disease
The CZO will add clarity to the process for both developers and residents, she says.

"It's like playing for the NFL: The rules don't change at halftime," Clarkson says.

The CZO is a forward-looking document that represents a bold step into the future. Or maybe the opposite of that.
"This city's on a roll like it hasn't been since the 40s, and I remember the 40s well," Clarkson says.
This may or may not have cleared matters up for you.  If it hasn't, you should know the CZO draft is available for you to read at the City Planning Commission's website.  

The next community meeting is scheduled for Planning District 7 (Bywater, 8th Ward, Upper Ninth Ward) this Wednesday at 6 PM at the Colton School on St. Claude Avenue.

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