Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Human shields

Would you and your children like to serve as props in Bobby Jindal's defense of his absurd school voucher scheme in federal court?  Sure, sign me up for that, you might be saying.   But gosh darnit, if they aren't trying to "muzzle" you.
Gov. Bobby Jindal blasted the U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday for opposing the request of four families to join the state as defendants in a federal lawsuit over school vouchers and desegregation. The families, whose children participate in the voucher program, are being assisted by the Black Alliance for Educational Options, and Judge Ivan Lemelle must decide whether to let them intervene in the case.

"The Obama administration wants to deny a voice to the very people who will be harmed by this ridiculous lawsuit," Jindal said in a statement, accusing the department of "trying to muzzle parents who simply want to express an opinion about why their children should have the opportunity to escape failing schools."

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