Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guess Mitch pretty much has to run now

It's the only thing that can save us from this foolishness.
"I have no plans to run for governor, but I wouldn't rule it out," Georges told LaPolitics.com in an excerpt of an interview slated to be published in full Wednesday (Feb. 26). "I would only consider running if (New Orleans Mayor Mitch) Landrieu didn't run and if (state Rep.) John Bel (Edwards, D-Amite) didn't catch on."
In case you were wondering, John Bel Edwards is not catching on.   I wonder if maybe this phrasing isn't Georges's way of publicly nudging Mitch into the race a little bit.

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hopitoulas said...

As Mitch Is Mayor Of N.O.Starting second Term And Edwards Only A Rep. From Amite, I Think The Poll Results Say Mitch Is intrinsically A Much Weaker Candidate Over The Long Run.