Monday, February 10, 2014

The day Garrett Hartley broke the Muses shoe

Four years ago yesterday.


If you were at Lombardi Gras.. and judging by the size of the crowd... you probably were, you got to see a once-in-a-lifetime event.  The Saints might win another Superbowl some day. But they'll never win their first one again. If you were in any of these 87 rows of spectators, you got a small piece of that.

Crowd on Carondelet

Lombardi Gras Night

It was a neat thing to have seen.. or not seen particularly well, as the case may have been.  But my favorite Lombardi Gras moment didn't even occur during this parade.  It happened a few weeks later during Orpheus when celebrity grand marshal Sean Payton (Saints players and coaches appeared in several parades that year) got down off of his float carrying the trophy and ran around in the crowd letting people touch it.    Maybe that sort of thing happens in other cities' victory parades. It's hard to imagine it, though.

Anyway, fun times.


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