Friday, February 07, 2014

Pity the billionaires

The kicker is, Obama is actually doing pretty well by these guys.

Someday they really are gonna have to deal with a left-leaning President. Can't even imagine the reaction then. Oh who am I kidding, we'll never elect an actual liberal President.


hopitoulas said...

Pssst ... please don't tell the liberals, they are already very confused.

bayoustjohndavid said...

You're confusing liberal and left, or even left-leaning. I think Paul Jay's definition of liberal describes Obama extremely well, and it describes hid signature achievement, Obamacare, to a t:

"Would you define
liberalism as we'll do what we can for the poor within a framework of
modern capitalism, but I'm not going to question the framework of how
things are owned and who has power, 'cause I'm not going to go there,
either 'cause of my interests, my beliefs, or whatever?"


I'd say the two Democrats we've elected president since I've been old enough to vote turned out to be perfect liberals.