Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NOLA.com, the calls are coming from inside the house

I never believed Heebe's techno-forensic phrenologist palm reader guy was what brought the Perricone case to light. Most likely, Fred Heebe just knows (and owns) a lot of people.
I've speculated, ad nauseam, about my suspicion that someone, or someones, from within Nola.com was/were data mining commenters' personal information and sharing it with Heebe's defense team.  Applying Occam's razor, it seems to be the most logical way these commenters were identified or were even known to be commenting in the first place.  In the wake of the revelations about Sal...and then Jan Mann...I began to see some very obvious signs that backed that theory up.
And there's a coda to this. Dambala mentions it in the comments as well but.. come on.
The Times-Picayune’s motion for additional time does not indicate whether the newspaper plans to appeal Wilkinson’s order. Rather, it says, producing the information by Wednesday may be difficult because “the individuals associated with The Times-Picayune who have the ability to retrieve the information at issue are located out of state, and the retrieval of the information involves review of multiple databases by personnel in several states.”
That guy who googles IP addresses works in a different office and unfortunately our robust internet media company has no way of communicating with anyone over so great a distance. 

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