Monday, February 24, 2014

Deja Vu

Unfortunately the Sandy scenario isn't likely to be the last uncomfortably familiar repeat of what Louisiana and Mississippi have been through.
Sixteen months after Hurricane Sandy, homeowners are still waiting for help rebuilding.

Of the 19,920 people who applied for the city’s Build It Back program for home repairs, which started in June, not a single homeowner has seen construction work start.

And only 110 — or 0.55% — had inked a deal on how much aid they’re going to get as of the end of January, according to city data analyzed by the Alliance for a Just Rebuilding in a report to be released Monday.
Sixteen months is nothing. Y'all come back in eight or nine years and see how it's going.  Also what's missing is the serious discussion about whether or not displaced victims are "better off" not coming back... or if their hometowns are better off without them being a "drag on the economy"  and whatnot.   Not so many outsiders questioning whether whole neighborhoods should be rebuilt at all either.

But even so it is very familiar and we do sympathize.

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