Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some charts and graphs for drafting football players

SB Nation's Jon Bois has some information for you about the ways in which some teams are very bad at the NFL Draft.
Even if their failures in the draft are understandable, it doesn't mean they aren't funny. Y'all, they are funny as shit.

How can the only people in the world who don't understand that Warren Sapp will be better than Kyle Brady be the same exact people who are in charge of an NFL franchise? Why is a team spending a second-round pick on a kicker? When the Browns select one of the greatest busts of the century in Brady Quinn, why is the great surprise not that he was picked in the first round, but that he wasn't picked far earlier?

With the benefit of hindsight and massive volumes of statistics, these errors are every bit as funny to me as a snap that pops an inattentive quarterback upside the head. After some stat-gathering and number-crunching, I've found lots to laugh at.
Maybe not exactly as funny as shit but pretty funny.  Take a look when you've got some time to spare

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