Friday, February 28, 2014

Damn frivolous lawsuits

Clancy DuBos on that Don Briggs deposition:
LOGA took it a step further and filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of SLFPA-E’s contract with its legal counsel. The contract includes a handsome contingency fee. LOGA’s lawsuit specifically claims the SLFPA-E suit would cause “irreparable injury” to LOGA members and have a “chilling
effect on the exploration, production, development and transportation” of oil and gas in Louisiana.

That claim is a favorite meme of LOGA’s longtime president Don Briggs, who prides himself on being the scourge of environmental trial lawyers. Given the enmity that Briggs has for environmental lawsuits, one would think that he’d be well prepared for any questions that opposing counsel might ask him in a deposition relating to the LOGA suit.

Think again.

For example, Briggs was asked in a Feb. 20 deposition if he had “any facts or information” to back up his opinion that oil and gas exploration did not contribute to coastal land loss. He answered, “No. … Nothing.”
It gets funnier.

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