Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Know your rules

Parade route parking

Today is obligatory carnival rules review presser day. You may be aware there are a few new ones.
New rules kick in this year for ladders, which need to be at least 6-feet from the curb, and city officials remind that those ladders should not block sidewalks or be located on private property.
The same rules apply for portable bathrooms on parade routes.

Companies and paradegoers can expect hefty fines if ladders or portable bathrooms are placed anywhere except in the correct designated areas.

Parking is always another huge issue during Carnival season, and officials said an additional 4,000 “No Parking” signs will be placed around parade routes. The Mayor’s Office warned that cars will be towed if they are parked illegally.
The new parking rules are going to be a problem. They've eliminated  parking on the opposite side of St. Charles for no particular reason.  It's bound to place further stress on parking in the surrounding neighborhoods.  If you live near the route, maybe don't move your car if you can avoid it. 

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