Saturday, March 29, 2014

Your right of birth, your empery, your own

Many possible contenders for the crown here. Apparently there's some sort of secret plan in place.
Benson has always preferred to keep personal business matters private, but quietly in recent years, he, his family and key Saints executives have prepared a succession plan to secure the futures of both franchises beyond his tenure.

Details of the plan remain confidential, but Benson's daughter Renee Benson and her two children, Rita Benson LeBlanc and Ryan LeBlanc, would assume ownership of the franchises, said Greg Bensel, Saints/Pelicans vice president of communications.

"Mr. Benson has an estate plan in place, and that plan obviously includes provisions for the transfer of ownership of both professional sport franchises," Bensel said. "As Mr. Benson has stated in numerous articles, ownership will be transferred to members of his family."
But imperial heirs have ways of  becoming dissatisfied with their inheritances.  It's not quite a constitutional crisis or anything just yet. Benson doesn't seem ready to check out any time soon. Hell, he's only 86. He could still run for Congress.  But maybe someone should keep a closer eye on the princes in the tower just in case.

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