Sunday, March 09, 2014

Why does Foti keep spending all this money?

TV ads all the time, a big ad in today's Advocate, you'd think he actually had a shot at this thing.
But a Feb. 26 poll by Win Partners — a political firm that says it has no candidate in the race — found Gusman had a lead of 19 percentage points over Foti, though 28.5 percent of respondents remained undecided. That landscape has changed little from a similar survey taken in the immediate aftermath of the Feb. 1 primary.
Sure, that's a lot of undecided but Gusman is clearly holding a substantial advantage.  But Foti still has money to throw around.
Recent financial disclosures show Gusman received about $129,000 in contributions and Foti about $78,000 between Jan. 13 and Feb. 23. Foti’s campaign spent about $290,000 during that time, while Gusman shelled out about $432,000. Foti loaned himself $100,000 during the same reporting period, the filings show, and Gusman supported his campaign with $75,000 of his own money.
Gusman is still out-raising and outspending Foti but Foti's ad blitz certainly doesn't feel like he's behind there.  Is he feeling desperate? Or does he think the race is closer than it looks?

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