Friday, March 28, 2014

Louisiana Tsunami

In case you didn't have enough to worry about.
Researchers with the National Weather Service say a 15-foot wall of water could roll across Grand Isle if a landslide occurred in the Mississippi Canyon, a trench in the Gulf of Mexico floor about 30 miles off the mouth of the Mississippi River.

And unlike a hurricane, residents would have just an hour’s notice, not days.

Such landslides have happened about once every 1,000 years in that area – and that time frame is almost up.
On the other hand, maybe this is an opportunity.  This is "Entrepreneur Week" after all.  Surely someone will figure out a way to turn the possible need for sudden getaways  into a money-making idea.  Here are two we'll throw out there.

Sprintability: It's a real estate app that rates neighborhoods based on their proximity to evacu-spot pick up locations.  It also periodically spits out inane promotional listicles calculated to attract shares on Facebook like this one

And, of course, Uber. Because 1) Anyone who ever speaks or writes about entrepreneurial innovation is legally required to mention it. And 2) They'll make a killing off the surge charges once all the evacu-spot buses are full.

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