Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I thought she said she was trying

Jackie seemed really super serious about the election.  At least that's what she told us during the final week.  She said that now she had finished with all the holiday malaise and the boring work stuff and everything that she was ready to buckle down and do some things.
“It is different this time because I’m really running a race,” Clarkson said recently in her office at City Hall, ticking off things that were competing with her primary campaign. “I was still running a city during the primary. I was still post-budget. I was still council-at-large very seriously trying to end a year with a lot of demands on me as president of the council. It was Christmas with a large family … but this is a new day. Now I’m running a race.”
 Today NOLA.com says that Jackie spent "just $8,000" on election day GOTV efforts.
Of the $8,011 in expenses, Clarkson paid $3,410 to workers and the $4,601 balance went to organizations for election day activities, food for workers and other supplies. Her major expenditures included $2,134 to BPDC of Metairie for automated calls; $1,200 to the Rev. Aubry Wallace of New Orleans for election day workers; and $600 to John Parker Trio, which played at her election night party.
Sounds like they had an OK party. I hope the Lithuanian consul was entertained, at least.  Anyway, it looks like Jackie spent about $1.45 per vote on election day.  That's generally not considered to be very much.  I'd be interested in comparing it to what Ramsey spent, though,  if that report comes out today as expected.

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