Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kick but don't dunk

This morning, Saints owner Tom Benson was asked about the team's negotiations with superstar tight-end.. receiver... large ginger dude.. whatever he wants to be. (He wants you to know he's Jimmy! in any case) Jimmy Graham.

Benson said he might have to take some alternative persuasive measures.
"There's not much pressure to get this thing done right quick now that it got on the backburner a little bit," Benson said. "We've got so much stuff going, but it will get worked out pretty quick. I'm going to kick him a little bit (Benson chuckled). I like him. He's a nice guy. And he loves my wife (Gayle). I'm going to put her on him."
Benson didn't sick his wife on  Graham.. but he may have gotten some help from his fellow owners who did, in fact, kick Jimmy a little today.
Sometimes, when an NFL player scores a touchdown in a game, he does a fun thing where he jumps into the air and "dunks" the football over the goalpost. Everyone likes it when players do this, because touchdowns are cool and so are dunks and so is watching a football player get really excited about the cool thing he just did. Naturally, the NFL has decided that this fun cannot be tolerated.
Others have pointed out that this is the third dubious rule change in recent memory where the NFL appears to have targeted the Saints in some way.

I am never one to argue that the NFL is not, in fact, a terrible person.  And, make no mistake, this is a stupid stupid rule change and a clear demonstration of the terribleness that is NFL.   At the same time, though, I can't be the only person who was tired of the dunk thing after like the second time it happened, right?


mominem said...

Considering some of the other dumb stuff that players do in the end zone the dunk is positively restrained. I particularly enjoyed it when Drew Brees tried one and failed.

How about a home team exception like the Lambeau Leap? After it only started in 1993, excessive celebrations weren't banned until 2000. Graham started dunking in 2010 so it seem like a tradition.

yeldarb said...

Fuck 'em. Graham dunks still fire me up.

And the Original Brees Dunk from 2009 is the fuckin' best.


jeffrey said...

Just to be clear, I don't find the fact that Graham dunks the ball every... damn... time... he scores... because I wish him to be more "restrained" Unlike the NFL, I am in favor of players being enthusiastic and having a scene of humor and theater about their work.

For example, I quite enjoyed Joe Horn's now outlawed cell phone stunt, the time Pierre Thomas put a bow on a football and handed it to a fan, that leapfrog celebration the Ditka players did that one time, as well as pretty much everything Lance Moore ever came up with.

The reason Graham's dunk is tiresome is, after the first couple of times, it is borrring. OK we get it. You were a not very great basketball player once. Very amusing.

Of course it's ridiculous that the NFL feels the need to step in and chastise its employees for having fun. But Jimmy's fun thing got stupid real fast a long time ago.

yeldarb said...

If he'd stopped a long time ago he never would have broken the Georgia Dome. So. Yeah.

jeffrey said...

That is a good point. But there are always other ways to desecrate the Georgia Dome.


yeldarb said...

We should never limit our Georgia Dome desecration options. In fact we should be building up the desecration repertoire for the new anus-done.