Thursday, March 06, 2014

We've reached full power Jackie

Early voting is going on this week.  You might have missed half of it because of some activities that tend to swallow everyone's attention. 

If you're an early voter, now is the time to do your thing.  Even if you aren't an early voter, it's worth considering since this election day is March 15 and there will again be some activities going on which tend to swallow people's attention.

Meanwhile, you might notice it becoming different.
Clarkson, however, said the runoff is a whole new race, one that she’ll run without having to divide her attention between her campaign and her job on the council.

It is different this time because I’m really running a race,” Clarkson said recently in her office at City Hall, ticking off things that were competing with her primary campaign. “I was still running a city during the primary. I was still post-budget. I was still council-at-large very seriously trying to end a year with a lot of demands on me as president of the council. It was Christmas with a large family … but this is a new day. Now I’m running a race.”
The election is in its final days and Jackie has not yet begun to fight. 

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hopitoulas said...

She is easily the most quotable fool in public New Orleans life, and to your credit you were the first to spot the rich vein of gold at the bottom of an otherwise empty shaft. Funny shit your Jackie says. Thanks for helping her keep the brand out there.