Saturday, March 01, 2014

Mommie Dearest

Not creepy at all
Like her mother years before, Carroll found out about her honor on a family trip to Perdido Bay, Ala. But first, Carroll had to get there.

“I woke up 15 minutes before my flight. So I called my mother, and she asked: ‘Are you at the gate?’ When I told her I had missed my flight, she started screaming so loud that my roommate asked if someone was dying.”

Carroll made the next flight, all the while wondering why her mother was so stressed. When she arrived in Alabama and got settled, her mother said, “We need to talk.”

“I’m thinking I’m in big trouble, but instead my mother hands me a photo of her as Queen of Carnival, but with a cutout of my head over hers,” Carroll said. “She then read a poem asking if I accepted. And of course I did!”

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elsbet said...

Not creepy at all. Nope.

Keep reading, and you see the mom is in charge of everything. And I assume her mom did the same before her. What creeps me out about Rex is that for some reason, these middle-aged women are unacceptable as queens, but they're clearly the power behind that avatar of themselves, their daughters, who reign as they did when they were young and pretty. So an old man in tights will toast his young, fresh consort instead of the canny older woman who would presumably just make everyone sad and think about death or something.

Zulu, instead, presents two people who have come to their triumph together and will share in the glory. There's something so much more honest, human and respectable about that.