Thursday, March 27, 2014

Job creators

So to re-cap, the bad news is we're still waiting on the research to tell us how to rebuild the Louisiana coast.

But the good news is, whenever we get around to figuring that out, we could put a lot of people to work on it.
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A study commissioned by an environmental group says funding the state's multi-billion-dollar, 50-year master plan for coastal protection and restoration would create anywhere from 109,000 to 212,000 permanent jobs while spurring the economy with billions in spending related to the projects.
But then the bad news again is this is a study by Tim Ryan so who knows what those numbers are really worth.

And the worse news is we'll probably just keep building oil pipelines instead.
Landrieu was never going to be a darling of the environmental movement. She represents a state dotted with oil wells and refineries, and sides with the fossil fuel industry more often than not. She also backs the Keystone XL pipeline at a time when opposition to the oil sands project has become the green movement's call to arms.

The Louisiana Democrat also holds considerable sway over energy policy. She's the chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and if another bipartisan energy bill comes out of Congress under Landrieu's watch, it would be covered in her fingerprints.

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