Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The $5000 idea sweepstakes is a dud

The only bid anyone bothered to put in on redeveloping Jazzland (this time around) wants to build another amusement park
TPC-NOLA Inc., a subsidiary of the Paidia Co. of Baton Rouge, was the lone respondent to the request for proposals. The company is proposing a theme park, a movie-production backlot, a water park and a retail component at the site.

Industrial Development Board President Alan Philipson said he was surprised by the poor response but doesn’t believe it means there is no interest in redeveloping the site.

Another company turned in a short summary of a proposal but did not include the $5,000 nonrefundable deposit required for consideration, IDB administrator Sharon Martin said.
The other proposal was an art installation where the park site was returned entirely to the swamp but with the word "Monorail" carved into the side of one tree. 

And that might be better anyway given that it looks to the suspicious outsider as though TPC-NOLA's idea is to collect and flip state film and entertainment tax credits.... which might be a bit of a red flag at this point.

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