Thursday, March 06, 2014

Time to try spitballing?

Paul Rainwater just wants to quietly collect his money now.
Rainwater left the Jindal administration this week after serving as chief of staff, commissioner of administration and hurricane recovery adviser.

He helped manage the daily operations of Jindal’s office and served as one of the governor’s closest advisers.

During a stop at the State Capitol on Wednesday, Rainwater said he needed more of a personal life and often felt like he was the oldest pitcher on the team.
Yeah well that's the age when your veteran pitcher needs to learn some new tricks if he wants to stay in the game. He can learn to throw a knuckleball, for example.  Or at least figure a way to doctor the ball a little.  I hear petroleum products are good for that.
Rainwater said he is in the process of finding clients for his one-man office. In the past, he lobbied on oil and gas issues.
We know those people don't have enough advocates.  So it's nice to see Rainwater set up his own mom and pop (or in this case just pop)  lobbying firm.  Don Briggs seems to think it's a comfortable job. You don't have to know a whole lot to do it, anyway..

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