Thursday, January 09, 2014

Rolling on

Pirate ship
Tucks parade St. Charles Avenue 2010

The Tucks toilet paper ban has been removed from the council's proposed Carnival ordinance. The city council will take up the matter no earlier than January 23.

So. At least that's over with. But hey, isn't now a great time to catch up on the old King Cake Vodka Price index, then? Already there's been movement!

Vodka check Jan 9

In the space of just a week or so, the Pinnacle brand King Cake Vodka is up one dollar to $9.99. Its entry into the market has the "top shelf" brand Lucky Player at $21.99 which is the lowest price we've ever seen it displayed at.  Taaka remains the bargain at $6.59 for 750ml or $13.79 for the family sized liter bottle. Now might be the time to stock up. 

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Clay said...

"Family size"...

Sounds like my family.