Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another one jumps off the #OneTeam

State Rep. Jeff Arnold endorses Bagneris.
Arnold said his relationship with the mayor started to break down during the 2013 regular session over legislation regarding firefighter pensions and local judgeships.

“You drew a line in the sand, Mitch, not me,” said Arnold. “With Mitch, it’s, ‘If you’re not 100 percent with me, you’re 100 percent against me.’ I don’t see anything he has done for Algiers. I didn’t even see an image of Algiers in his (commercials). Right now Michael Bagneris is sounding a whole lot better to me.”
Arnold is actually the latest in a string of local players who have declared their disenchantment with the Mayor.  Most notably BOLD and OPDEC have endorsed Bagneris while the Independent Women's Organization has split its endorsement.  Stephanie Grace went so far last week as to say the cumulative effect of these endorsements is to make President Obama's endorsement of Mitch "probably a wash." That seems like a stretch to me.  Grace writes,
This, of course, goes to what’s shaping up as a major theme of the election. There’s no question that Landrieu has battled with not only the Obama administration, but with the city’s firefighters over the pension, its judges over the size of the bench and the prospect of a new courthouse, and so on. He’s ticked people off; they’re now going public. The question remains: Do average voters care? And even if they do, which side are they likely to take?
All signs point to, no, they do not care.  They might care if candidate Bagneris was running a campaign about issues that connected with their concerns... a campaign about anything at all would be a good start.  But as long as the only thing he has going for him are political insiders who are pissed off at the so-called "productive asshole" he's not going anywhere.

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