Thursday, January 23, 2014

You're out of order!

This is a short vignette from today's City Council meeting via Uptownmessenger's transcription. The council was discussing a resolution recommending the state legislature raise the minimum wage to $10.10.  Public comments got onto the tangential topic of cost of living.
The first speaker is a Chedric Roy Jr., former student body president at Southern University. He urges the city to consider raising the minimum wage "so we stop losing the best and the brightest ... because they can't afford to live in the 'new' New Orleans."

He says he doesn't know how he would be supporting himself if the film industry hadn't come to town.

"Most people don't want to be on government help, but they do want the help of the government," Roy says.

"People are losing their houses in the Uptown area, because insiders can see what's owed on a property," Roy says.

"We need your help," he concludes. "It's serious life and death."

"Your time is up," Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson says.

"Your time may be up," Roy shoots back, walking off.

"You're out of order," Clarkson says.

"You're out of order!" shout several people in the audience.

Clarkson asks Gray to call the deputy if he cannot take control of the proceeding, and Gray responds, "We will."
 I hope she was wearing the red blazer today. Anyway, there's more fun stuff in that post. Go check it out. 

Update: Ha! It gets better

Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson and Landrieu were singled out for special attention. Their names were featured on a cake emblazoned with decorative icing wishing them "Happy Trails," apparently on the assumption that similarly angry voters will toss them out of office in the Feb. 1 elections

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