Saturday, January 04, 2014

I am Earth's most terrible person with deadlines

Witness the folder full of unfinished Saints game posts from practically every week of this season.  There is in fact one more I've been trying to hammer out today.. which would have been done last night but people make me go out and do things and... well if it doesn't make it up, it doesn't make it up.

Hopefully the Saints win and most of those jokes will be fresh enough to carry over and... Shit I say this every week.

Look here's the gist as summed up by Wang who does this better anyway.
Back in 2009, there was the "…after losing their last three games" thing. They publicly ridiculed it and trolled the shit out of the Legits advancing that narrative, which they considered bullshit. They had fun with it. Then they brought the wood. They were loose. They were defiant. Having returned to the playoffs after a two-year hiatus and having been left for dead after the late-season slump, the pressure and expectations weren't nearly as weighty. And it resulted in an improbable, unprecedented, magical run. "So much for fuckin' rust."

The similarities now are striking. There's the whole "can't win on the road" thing, which they clearly consider to be bullshit. And they've been trolling all week. Having fun with it. They brought the chicken. And apparently velour track suits. They're loose. They're defiant. And after all of last year's bullshit, and with having been largely left for dead going into the playoffs this year… what pressure? Like 2009, and unlike 2010 and 2011, this thing isn't about living up to expectations. It's about defying expectations. And that's as big a part of this team's identity as anything else.
What I'll add to that is there's a goddamn narrative at work in all of this.

What the Universe is proposing to do is take this "team who can't win on the road" or in the cold and send them on a 4 week odyssey where they begin by facing tonight's deep freeze, then back to Seattle, the scene of History's Greatest Disaster. Then, if they overcome that, they're likely off to San Francisco where there is all manner of unfinished business to deal with.

Finish that up with a win in The Coldest Super Bowl Ever and there's that epic 2013 Sean Payton Revenge Tour we all bought in on at the beginning of this season.  Sounds like reason enough to tune in tonight anyway.

And if it doesn't go well, at least they gave us some fun stuff to talk about this week up to including this look at the team bus today.

Were these last minute stunts ultimately about a magic pre-game meal and some lucky new Motivational Jumpsuits? Or did the Saints just eat a bunch of chicken and put on fat pants?  Either way, it sure figures to have been fun, welp.

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