Thursday, January 30, 2014

The real victims

Last gasp of Icepocalypse

Sure the ice is melted but the long term ramifications are only beginning to become apparent.
The prolonged cold also means crawfish aren't eating and are likely to be smaller than normal at the peak of crawfish season, said farmer David Savoy of Church Point.

People may have to order ahead even at the peak of the season, said Craig Lutz, an LSU AgCenter professor and aquaculture specialist.

"I think it's fair to say that when we get to Mardi Gras and we get to Easter, we're definitely going to be behind what we would be in a normal season. There'll still be crawfish available. But I think people are going to have to plan a lot better to make sure they have crawfish on those weekends when they want them," he said Wednesday.
Ok but before you freak out, know that we've been down this road before and things have turned out relatively fine.  In fact it seems like there's at least one crawfish pricing scare article published per year at about this time. 

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