Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The funny news is David Vitter wants to be your Governor

The less funny news is that he has the money and the support system to win.
Pearson Cross, head of the Department of Politics, Law and International Relations at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette said Vitter "poses a major problem for the other Republican contenders in this race."

"David Vitter has incredible name recognition and just won his last statewide election with nearly 60 percent of the vote," Cross said.

Vitter's approval ratings are high in Louisiana, and his ability to rake in campaign donations is strong. Already, the leader of a pro-Vitter super PAC said the organization has raised $1.5 million to support a gubernatorial run for the senator.

Several polls taken before Vitter's announcement showed the senator as the front-runner in the gubernatorial race if he chose to run.
Louisiana has lots of problems but it's difficult to place any one issue above the collapsing coastline  in  order of urgency.   At present the greatest obstacle to any approach to solving this problem is the far too cozy relationship between the state government and the oil and gas industry.  Handing the Governor's Mansion off from Bobby Jindal to David Vitter is.. not a step in the right direction there, to put it lightly.

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