Thursday, January 09, 2014

I think we've got them out-gimmicked

If you're a Seahawks fan headed up to Saturday's game (Oh nooees! Cover your ears!) you may want to get there early.  That way you can pick up one of the 10,000 "12th Man" capes the team is planning to distribute. (See official page here via @edwardjenkins)

The capes should be helpful for when you go after another world noise record... or whatever you're measuring for here. How? I don't know, just flap them around a lot and see what happens.  Don't be too surprised, though, if it turns out that all you end up with is a bunch of blank white towels.  That happened to us once.  Turns out they aren't very loud.

White Towel

They're not bad at wiping up grease, though.  Which we've doing a lot of lately.

We've also been playing dress up a little bit ourselves. Check out our new track suits.
We're trying to collect all four. What color will it be next week? Who knows? That's part of the fun. Enjoy your capes, though. That sounds neat.  At least you don't have to drink all this disgusting Gatorade.  I don't think that stuff is safe. After a while you start to see strange things. Like this greatest poster ever.

1968 Saints Collector Series poster by David Willardson

Apparently you can get this thing on eBay for $17.00 right now.  Seems wildly undervalued.  The illustration depicts a somewhat physically fit Saints player on a journey.  Perhaps he is on a long road trip. He casually advances the ball along a rainbow path encompassing every conceivable color of Gatorade. You might look at him and hear a Phish tune.  But look closer. In his heart he carries the green silhouetted spirit of trumpeter Al Hirt who, as we know, was more or less the musical Rob Ryan of his day.

It is impossible to design an image that better captures the essence of the 2013-14 New Orleans Saints playoff run.  It would make a gorgeous Popeyes box.  They did this way back in 1968.  But somehow it showed up in one of my internets this week. Somehow they knew we would need it some day.   Call it coincidence or call it serendipity.  Either way, I'm pretty sure we've got these people out-gimmicked.

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