Thursday, January 30, 2014

So is this the "list that counts"?

The Advocate looks at the list of witnesses in the (snow day delayed) Nagin trial. This bit is interesting.
The government did not list as witnesses any of the principals in the 12-screen movie theater at the Lake Forest Plaza mall in New Orleans East.

That could suggest that the scheme will receive less attention than the others at the trial. It almost certainly indicates that George Solomon, the partner in the movie theater deal who prosecutors say paid Nagin off, has not conceded that his underwriting of a Nagin family vacation was a bribe.
It was reported also today that Solomon, who with his partners in the theater deal is on the hook for $6.2 million owed to the city still has enough money to throw around in political donations to mayor Landrieu's campaign which, as we all know, are definitely not bribes.

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