Saturday, January 11, 2014

The colors of greatness

1968 Saints poster by David Willardson

Here are some things for you to read. Angry WhoDat
Chicken and Gatorade and sweat suits: it’s been a blast. In 2010 I remember being a nervous wreck because although nobody saw the loss to Seattle coming, an equal number expected advancement beyond the divisional round. Injuries had ravaged the team, and an early exit (if, perhaps, not that early) seemed inevitable. In 2011 we were flying high. A Super Bowl win seemed just as inevitable as the loss in 2010, but, somehow, it just wasn’t this fun.

I’m not sure I can explain it. Years from now, if tomorrow’s game ends happily, I’ll never be able to explain to anyone who was not around for this the feeling that Payton’s second stupid twitter picture gave me. But when I saw that 3 on the sweats, man. That’s why we get attached. That’s why, beyond all logic, we get hooked on something we can’t control.

Because even the shitty parts are kind of fun. In kind of a sick way. Whatever. It’s fun!

We do this for fun.  Try and remember that.  Or else you'll end up like these people.

The WA DOT twitter feed took shots at the Saints, via their official account (complete with typos). It’s like they just could not wait to type their little pre-dawn gem of a zinger and blast to Twitter.
Any news room in America wants to be seen as a serious, hard hitting organization that demands respect. If the local team is doing good, they may have a quick shout out from the news desk. But the local FOX station in town has this wonderful, organic looking picture of the entire news staff rooting on the Seahawks.
The same FOX station decided that drawing pictures on Drew Brees’s face is a great idea and not childish at all.

Why? Because Seattle is full of  weirdos is why.  
Seattle, being a somewhat silly place, is the home town of the Rain City Superhero Movement, a group of eccentric citizens who roam the streets wearing homemade superhero costumes, occasionally attempting to stop crime but mostly posing for photographs. Last year, several of the Rain City members inserted themselves into the protests, attempting to stop the anarchists from causing trouble. The independent review on May Day 2012 found that the superheroes just made things worse: “Rain City Superhero Movement individuals were allowed to participate in the melee at 1010 5th Avenue (U.S. Appeals Federal Courthouse). Their participation resulted in allegations of assaults/crimes.” That’s just what that stupid J. Jonah Jameson said about Spider-Man. At least Spider-Man gets results!
Not that we aren't taking this maybe a little bit seriously. Thanks to last week's elusive road win, we're not going to consider this season anything other than a success.  Everything above and beyond that is pretty much bonus round stuff.  But there are some attractive bonuses sitting out there to be had.

Every smite-able enemy a Saints fan could still want to see smoten at this point in our history is still alive in the playoffs and ready for a smiting should the Saints manage to keep smiting away. Can they do it? They smite.
Of course, all signs now point towards the Seahawks walking over the Saints on Saturday.

But remember: Pete Carroll winning three straight games against Sean Payton isn't some inescapable certainty, especially not against a Saints' team that's proved deft at upending convention.

The Saints might be left for dead at the moment, but they haven't been killed off completely.

And for that, there is always hope.  

"hanging around, hanging around ... kid's got ... alligator blood ... can't get rid of him"
Is alligator blood the color of green Gatorade or blue?  Pretty sure it tastes like chicken blood anyway.

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