Friday, January 10, 2014

Robocall going around

No idea why but this survey has called me twice this week. I figured it had to be different somehow the second time around so I played through the whole thing. But nope. Same questions all the way through. Hope I didn't skew their results too badly. I always answer undecided to all of their questions anyway.

 The survey asks for preferences in the citywide municipal races. But, in the process, it slips in a couple of interesting things. In one typical "push-poll" tactic the survey reader tells the respondent, "Stacy Head has violated the law by using a government computer to send out an email urging voters to support Joseph Cao," and then asks if this affects the respondent's opinion of her race against Eugene Green.

The survey also asks about the potential affect of Rep. Cedric Richmond's endorsement on the Mayor's race. Respondents are asked if a Richmond endorsement of either Bagneris or Landrieu would encourage people to vote for that candidate. 

I hadn't realized that Richmond hadn't already made an endorsement but it appears as though he's trying to make up his mind... and that he's still miffed at Stacy Head for having endorsed an opponent of his.

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