Monday, January 27, 2014

Immobilized mobile vendors

The increasingly absurd world of food trucks.
A permanent food truck lot is under development in Central City at 2000 OC Haley Blvd., the site of several recent food truck gatherings.

Construction on the lot, a project of the non-profit organization Good Work Network, should begin in early summer and finish a few months later.

The lot will provide parking spaces for six trucks along with booths made from recycled shipping containers. It will operate Tuesday through Saturday from mid-day until early evening. The goal of the project is to serve both a lunch and an after-work crowd.

A delivery service is under consideration for workers in the CBD.


anon said...

Do Reginelli's drivers deliver pizza out of box trucks? No, because that would be impractical. So why should food trucks be any different? Yes, they are mobile staging, but that doesn't mean they should be mobile delivery (and we wouldn't want them to be, the roads are bad enough as it is). Plus, having a delivery service will allow the vendors in the booths to reach customers they otherwise wouldn't, and could also mean that offices could place orders from multiple booth/truck vendors.

I'm not saying that I think this project would light the world on fire or anything (I think breaking even will be a challenge, given the relative isolation of the location), but the "Why don't the food trucks just deliver?" joke that keeps getting trotted out in relation to this story is a tired one.

Todd Price said...

For the record, that was the first draft of the story. I misunderstood the project slightly. There will be parking on the edges for trucks, but the booths are for vendors who can't afford a truck. They hope to help those people develop into independent businesses.