Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Why are they carrying handcuffs?

Next thing you know we'll have the Justice Department running the Taxi Cab Bureau too.
In the surveillance video, Blake is seen approaching Esterlin, who is inside his cab, standing in a fire lane.

The video shows the two engage in what appears to be a verbal altercation and then shows Esterlin walking away. That’s when Blake can be seen pulling out and using pepper spray -- or a similar substance -- to subdue Esterlin, forcing him to the ground, and then Blake proceeds to place Esterlin in handcuffs.

Taxi Cab Bureau inspectors do not have the authority to arrest or detain anyone.

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Clay said...

Malachi Hull's goon doesn't "subdue" anyone. He sucker punched and wailed on a defenseless person who was walking away.