Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday School

I missed this one a few days ago. Apparently somebody woke up Foster Campbell for a minute there.
The governor notes that the existing Trust Fund principal would not be threatened. He told lawmakers earlier in the session that he views TOPS as a better long-term investment, using the Biblical parable of the talents as an illustration. "I think it would be a mistake to bury this money in the ground," he said.

That drew the hypocrisy charge from Campbell, who noted that Jindal, when he served as health secretary for Gov. Mike Foster, opposed then-Attorney General Richard Ieyoub's decision to pursue the suit against tobacco companies as compensation for health care expenses for smokers. "Now he wants the money to get out of a budget jam," Campbell wrote.

"As politicians we need to be careful when we quote the Bible," Campbell wrote. "Gov. Jindal said keeping the Millennium Trust Fund whole was like 'burying our talents in the ground.' Elsewhere in the Book of Matthew, Jesus expresses disdain for hypocrites, going so far as to call them 'serpents' and 'vipers.'"

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