Tuesday, May 03, 2011


What DeShazier said.

If a guard had been picked with the notion of taking reps from Jahri Evans or a safety had been snatched up on the belief that Malcolm Jenkins wasn't cutting it, Evans and Jenkins have played well enough to merit an account of the team's thinking.

But Bush?


Coach Sean Payton felt the need to call Bush on Friday to assure him the franchise still values him and to specifically detail Bush's role, advising him that the team still can use his talents?

That's comical.

Bush's mythological powers have been on display sparingly enough since he joined the Saints as the No. 2 overall pick in 2006 that he should have been initiating contact with the organization Thursday night. He should have been thanking the front office for picking a player who can do all the things Bush has proven he can't do through trial and error, tasks even Bush has to know deep down that he has failed to perform.

I'm actually pretty sure that, if anybody plays professional football this fall, Bush will be playing in New Orleans. But it's been obvious for some time now that he's at least as much a professional celebrity as he is a professional football player which is why Payton ends up having to go stroke his ego like this.

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