Saturday, May 28, 2011

The part where Clancy tells us what it all means

It's kind of like the end of a Harry Potter novel. Only Clancy isn't a wise old homosexual man in a long purple robe and nobody gets any chocolate frogs. But we live in Chocolate City already so I guess we can overlook that. Oh and that thing we learn at the end is something we knew throughout the whole story anyway.

Lesson No. 1 — Don’t try to run government like a business. This is a lesson for us all. Businesses are dictatorships; our government is a democracy. The two are not designed to work the same way. The next time you hear some puffed-up businessman saying we should run government like a business, remind him that Greg Meffert and Mark St. Pierre were successful businessmen — and ask him if he likes how they ran things. If nothing else, we now know the danger — and the folly — of running government like a business.

Adding: Of course this is far from the end of the story. It's like splitting the novel into separate movies or something.

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