Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not with a bang but with a shrimp loaf

As far as I can tell the only business around here with a firm plan for the rapture is Casamento's.

Casamentos Rapture

So far this morning, I've helped a man in a Jesus hat apply for a Pell grant and have helped a lady request some books by a "good Christian author" to be delivered next week. Should these folks really be worried at this point?

Also, after taking a moment to think about it this morning, I've concluded that if, later today, the Earth were to shake, the dead were to rise, and that guy who dances and preaches on Canal Street every day were suddenly swept off into heaven leaving behind only a pair of headphones and a rainbow colored umbrella hat, I honestly can't say my reaction would amount to more than a shrug. You'd think that having one's entire cosmological concept suddenly overturned should mean something but I personally just have too little invested in this particular reality to worry too much when it all goes to hell... even if it literally does so.

At least then we won't have to spend the summer hanging on every NFL lockout update when we know there won't be any agreement until well after the zombie apocalypse clears out.

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